Published on February 23, 2016

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Focal point of one of the War’s largest Calvary charges, the ten acre site contains interpretive signage, earthworks and the historic Stine house.

This fortification would be built in 1861 and serve as one of many defenses surrounding the city of Winchester. During the last stages of the Third Battle of Winchester, this location served as a last attempt to hold off the Union advance on September 19, 1864.  With some 6,000 troopers led by General George A. Custer bearing down on them, the Confederates were caught completely off guard by Union General Sheridan’s rapid advance.  The Cavalry charge proved too much for the Confederate defenses and after withdrawing through this location they would reform at Fishers Hill near Strasburg.

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922 Martinsburg Pike
Winchester, VA 22601


(540) 662-2281