Published on February 23, 2016

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This privately-owned building at the corner of North Braddock and Amherst Streets was the birthplace and childhood home of Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire, personal physician to General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

Dr. McGuire, the son of an eye doctor, was born here in 1835.  Believed to have been built in 1825, this federalist-house is similar to others on this well-maintained block of homes and offices.  You McGuire often accompanied his father on medical rounds and graduated from Winchester Medical College at age 20.  When the war began, he hurried back to Winchester from Tulane University where he was teaching, to join the Winchester Rifles, Co. F, 2nd Virginia Infantry.  Assigned to then Brigader General Thomas Jackson at Harpers Ferry, Jackson scoffed at having such a young, 26 year old doctor on his staff.  That changed after McGuire treated Jackson for a hand injury after the Battle of First Manassas, where Jackson got his famous name, Stonewall.  It would also be McGuire who amputated Jackson’s left arm following the Battle of Chancellorsville in an unsuccessful attempt to save his life.  Dr. McGuire would serve as a pall bearer at Jackson’s funeral.

Tour Information:

Private Property, for walking tour only


103 North Braddock St.
Winchester, VA 22601