Published on February 23, 2016

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Civil War Trails sign that describes nearby events at the Battle of Tom’s Brook.

On the eventing of October 8, 1864, two brigades of Confederate cavalry reached this position under the command of General Lunsford Lomax.  General Wesley Merritt is in command of Philip Sheridan’s 1st Cavalry Division.  Consisting of three brigades, the Union troopers had been burning mills, barns and taking livestock while Lomax cautiously harassed them were ever possible.  The next morning, Merritt sent his three brigades forward in a coordinated attack, causing Lomax to counter charge which was initially successful.  The counter charge of the Confederates exposed their left flank, by which the Union Cavalry took immediate advantage of the opening.  This would force the Confederate withdraw from the conflict and after setting up defensive positions just north of Woodstock, Virginia they were overrun by a Union charge that sent them fleeing in disorder to Mt. Jackson.

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Marker is located in Shenandoah County Park
380 Park Lane
Tom’s Brook, VA 22660