Published on February 18, 2016

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Civil War trails sign on the units costly stand in a grove of cedar trees during the Battle of New Market and the 1905 monument that commemorates their actions.

At the Battle of New Market on May 15, 1864, Confederate troops under John C. Breckenridge heavily assaulted the left flank of Union General Franz Sigel’s army.  Following a Union Cavalry counter charge, in which they were repulsed, the left flank was left to be defended by the 54th  Pennsylvania regiment.  Sigel ordered another attack and as the 54th  and supporting units came to the top of the hill, they quickly realized that they were heavily outnumbered and in bad position and were forced to retreat.  During which time the 54th  Pennsylvania put up two defensive stands near a grove of cedars.  The unit would suffer 30% casualties on the day.  In 1905 Veterans of the 54th returned to memorialize the sacrifices that they and their fallen comrades made that day and it is the only monument to Pennsylvania Civil War soldiers in Virginia.

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9 am to 5 pm

Tour Information:

Self Guided and Group Tours available

Admission Fee/Ticket Price:

$10.00 per Adult

$9.00 per Senior Citizen

$6.00 per Youth ages six and up

Free for all Children under the age of six


Located on the New Market Battlefield driving tour trail on US 11 South
New Market Battlefield State Historical Park
New Market, VA 22844


(866) 515-1864