Published on February 18, 2016

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Civil War Trails sign interpreting Catherine Furnace during the war, including its role as an “underground railroad” for Union soldiers.

Built in 1846, Catherine Furnace is one of three Page County furnaces during the Civil War.  The old cold blast furnace was used to produce iron ore, charcoal and limestone among other products for the locality.  During the war, the locals worked together to produce Pig Iron for the Confederacy which was then transported to Richmond’s Tredegar Iron Works.  Tredegar was the largest Iron works company in the South.

Noah Foltz was the Iron Master during the war and a secret Union sympathizer.  During which time he helped Union troops escape from Page County across Massanutten Mountain into Fort Valley.  He was later arrested for this activity and released to resume work at the furnace.

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Located in George Washington National Forest
Cub Run Road
Page County, VA 22849