Frederick County and City of Winchester 6/13/1863
Preservation National Park

Second Winchester battlefield encompasses most of the city of Winchester along with some outlying streambeds and road corridors found largely to the west of Old Town Winchester.

The city lies upon a low undulating plain between North Mountain to the west and the curving valleys of Opequon Creek to the east. Much of the historic core of the city is intact and now ringed by more recent residential, commercial, and industrial development. The rolling terrain outside the city contains both scattered agricultural areas—including orchards—and contemporary development.

Much of the landscape has been altered and fragmented, leaving some essential features.  The planned widening of I-81, if not designed by preservation advocates and transportation planners to avoid or minimize impacts, will destroy areas of the battlefield landscape.  The core area at Stephenson’s Depot remains the last substantial piece of intact land within the battlefield.


This stunning Confederate victory cleared the Valley of Federal troops and opened the door for Lee’s second invasion of the North that led to the Battle of Gettysburg. The battle also demonstrated a rare use of extensive earthworks in the Shenandoah Valley.

779 Acres Still Need Protection

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