Shenandoah County 09/21/1864
Preservation National Park

The Battle of Fisher’s Hill was an excellent example of a surprise flanking movement against a defending force in a strong position. The battle opened the Shenandoah Valley to the destruction of its agricultural base.

South of the town of Strasburg, occupying the bottomlands and flanking hillsides of Tumbling Run, Fisher’s Hill battlefield is defined by hills upon which the opposing armies engaged each other. Confederate entrenchments south of Tumbling Run cut lines through the fields, and prominent hilltops were used for signaling and coordination of troop movements. The battlefield is bound by the wildly curving North Fork of the Shenandoah River on the east and Little North Mountain to the west. I-81 and US Route 11 run through the center of the battlefield.

Fisher’s Hill will continue to benefit from public-private protection efforts, which have saved about five percent of the surviving historic landscape.  The planned widening of I-81, if not designed by preservation advocates and transportation planners to avoid or minimize impacts, will destroy portions of the battlefield landscape.

9217 Acres Still Need Protection

Visitor Information

A free printed driving tour of the Battle of Fisher’s Hill is available at Civil War sites in the area.