Techniques for Preserving the Valley’s Battlefields April 20, 2015

Purchasing land from preservation-minded landowners may be the most visible tactic for protecting battlefields, but it is just one of many in a wide array of preservation techniques available to landowners and organizations working to conserve the Valley’s historic landscape.

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Certainly, the primary tool for the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation is direct land conservation: purchasing land or easements from willing sellers, or receiving donations of land or easements.  The Foundation works directly with property owners interested in protecting their battlefield land.

The Battlefields Foundation also works with local communities interested in developing land use plans to preserve their battlefield landscapes.

Finally, the Foundation works to ensure that land use decision-making by federal, state, and local agencies considers impacts to the Valley’s battlefields.  Transportation planning in particular has a direct impact on battlefield areas, whether it involves a road that traverses a battlefield landscape, or one that will contribute to incompatible development pressure on the battlefields.