Published on February 19, 2016

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Civil War Trails sign that interprets the action around Union Church during the Battle of Cross Keys.

General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, having been pursued through the Page (Luray) valley by Union forces, took up a position at Port Republic, leaving General Richard Ewell at Cross Keys.  Ewell placed one regiment at the Union Church as a warning of the Union advance by General John C. Fremont’s forces.   The remainders of Ewell’s 5,000 men were placed on the ridge overlooking Mill Creek.  Fremont pushed the Alabama regiment defending the Union Church back and placed 40 Cannons in the field to break up the Confederate defenses on the ridge.  Fremont was unable to do achieve his objective on that bloody day of June 8, 1862 and was forced to withdraw to the Keezeleltown Rd., while Ewell was able to rejoin Jackson at Port Republic.

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The intersection of Battlefield and Cross Keys Rd.
Battlefield Rd.
Cross Keys, VA 22801