Published on February 19, 2016

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Short and steep trail that leads to the site. It contains interpretive signs detailing the Union artillery positions at the location and the overtaking of that position by Confederate forces at the Battle of Port Republic.

The Coaling provided the site for Union General Erastus Tyler to place parts of his three batteries’ of artillery for his defenses.  The area served as a perfect placement due to the removal of much of the trees for the production of charcoal.  Though the artillery placements were much wider than the Coaling area, this position would prove to be a strong one for Union forces.  General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s famous “Stonewall” brigade would be repulsed twice in their attempts to take this position. The Confederate forces were able to take the position but only after being reinforced and successful at other locations on the battlefield. There are two interpretive signs at this spot.

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Just off of US 340
Ore Bank Rd.
Lynnwood, VA 24471