2012 Programs - 1862 in the Valley

“A Wind from the Mountains”: Stonewall in the Shenandoah

Events, Tours, and Reenactments Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Stonewall Jackson's 1862 Valley Campaign (March-June 2012)

In the spring of 1862, amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Shenandoah Valley, Confederate Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson conducted one of the most brilliant and audacious campaigns in American military history.  Jackson and his “foot cavalry” changed the course of the Civil War – and carved their names in history.

Now, 150 years later, sites throughout the Shenandoah Valley will commemorate that campaign with a series of over 30 exciting events – reenactments, living history programs, walking tours, driving tours, conferences, lectures, youth programs, memorial ceremonies, passport programs, and exhibits.  Make your plans now to be part of those special programs – and to follow the dramatic story of the pivotal events of those war-torn days. 

February 11-June 10 Exhibit: “An American Turning Point: The Civil War in Virginia – Surviving War”, Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester (site #1 on map)

March 3  “A chapter in history...without parallel”: Perspectives on Jackson's Valley Campaign,  SVBF Sesquicentennial Conference on the 1862 Valley Campaign featuring Ed Bearrs, Brandon Beck, Peter Cozzens, Gary Ecelbarger, and Jonathan Noyalas.  Shenandoah University, Winchester (1)

March 22  Leadership and Generalship in the Civil War – State Sesquicentennial Conference, VMI, Lexington (14)

March 23-24  Stonewall Jackson Symposium  Lexington (14)

March 23  “Jackson’s Valley Campaign in A Box”, Winchester (1)

March 23  “150 Years Ago…On This Day” Battlefield Tour(s) – The First Battle of Kernstown, Winchester (1)

March 23-24  First Kernstown Commemorative Events at the Pritchard-Grim Farm and Rose Hill Farm, Winchester (1)

April 28-29  Stonewall Jackson’s Grand Encampment, Miller-Kite House Museum, Elkton (7) 

May 5  Reenactment of the Battle of McDowell, McDowell (13)

May 8  “150 Years Ago…On This Day” Battlefield Tour – The Battle of McDowell (13) 

May 11  “The Trumpet to the Cannon Spoke”:  Galleries at Night, Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester (1)

May 19  “Jackson’s Valley Campaign in A Box”,  Virginia Museum of the Civil War, New Market (6) 

May 19  Reenactment of the First Battle of Winchester, Virginia Museum of the Civil War, New Market (6) 

May 19  “March of the Tigers” and “An Evening With Stonewall Jackson,” Luray Valley Museum (5) 

May 23  “150 Years Ago…On This Day” Battlefield Tour – The Battle of Front Royal (4)

May 24  “150 Years Ago…On This Day” Tour- Running Fight on the Valley Pike, Middletown (2) 

May 25  “150 Years Ago…On This Day” Battlefield Tour – The First Battle of Winchester (1) 

May 25  History at Sunset: The First Battle of Winchester, Winchester (1) 

May 26  Enhanced Driving Tour: The Battle of Front Royal, Front Royal (4) 

June 2  “Court and Market Days – Civil War Era,” Harrisonburg (8)

June 2  “Bank’s Fort and the Valley Campaign,” Strasburg (3)

June 3  “Civil War Firsts”, The Heritage Museum, Dayton (9)

June 5  “Life on the Homefront”, Virginia Quilt Museum, Harrisonburg (8) 

June 6  Turner Ashby Ceremony, Turner Ashby Monument, Harrisonburg (8) 

June 7  “Stonewall’s Narrow Escape”, The Heritage Museum, Dayton (9) 

June 8  “150 Years Ago…On This Day” Battlefield Tour – The Battle of Cross Keys (10) 

June 8  Program by Historian Bob Krick: “The Metamorphosis in Stonewall Jackson's Public Image, May-June 1862,” Bridgewater

June 9  Civil War Kids Camp at Widow Pence Farm, Cross Keys (10) 

June 9  “You Are There: Living History Battlefield Tours of Cross Keys and Port Republic” (10) (11) 

June 9  150 Years Ago Battlefield Tour – The Battle of Port Republic, Port Republic (11)

June 9  “If If This Valley is Lost: Preserving the Legacy of Stonewall Jackson’s Valley Campaign,” Cross Keys (10)

June 9-10  Reenactment of the Battles of Cross Keys and Port Republic, Cedar Creek Battlefield, Middletown (4) 

June 10  Memorial Ceremony at The Coaling, Port Republic (11) 

June 16  Grand Caverns Heritage Day, Grottoes (12) 

June 16  “Stonewall Jackson’s Way: Remembering the Valley Campaign”, Closing Program for Commemoration, Grottoes (12)