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Tom's Brook (VA121)

Shenandoah County
October 9, 1864


Tom’s Brook, one of the smaller battlefields, occupies rolling hills around the Shenandoah County town of Toms Brook and to the west. Round Hill punctuates the area with a prominent rise. A large part of the action took place along the Back Road (Va Route 623), other secondary roads, and the Valley Pike. As during the battle, much of this landscape remains in agricultural use, with scattered houses and outbuildings and stands of trees between fields. Some newer development has occurred along I-81 and US Route 11, both of which run through the middle of the battlefield.

Portions of the landscape have been altered, but most essential features remain. Tom's Brook will continue to benefit from public-private protection efforts. The planned widening of I-81, if not designed by preservation advocates and transportation planners to avoid or minimize impacts, will destroy areas of the battlefield landscape.

Study Area (including Core Area)

Core Area

Historical Designation:

Preservation Challenges:
  Development Pressure
  I-81 Expansion

Preservation Planning:
Fisher's Hill and Tom's Brook Battlefields Preservation Plan


Tom’s Brook, also known as the “Woodstock Races”, was the largest cavalry battle in the Shenandoah Valley. It demonstrated the importance of cavalry in the pursuit phase of a battle. The battle ended the effectiveness of Confederate cavalry in the Shenandoah Valley.